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November 13, 2019

FLR 4/510 Craft Clothing Culture – Winter 2020

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This exciting class offers a unique opportunity to experience how Native American regalia makers and storytellers, as well as Romanian traditional woodcarvers, rug weavers, clothing makers, and singers sustain and transmit their cultural heritage through their cultural traditions. No previous knowledge of Native American or Romanian traditions is needed.

Course meets virtually with Romanian students one per month at 8am, in addition to regular class times.

To potential students, please note that this class meets elective requirements for Anthropology the new Media and Culture Certificate. Reading load will be relative light, lots of videos to watch, and you get to post on social media for credit!!!

Questions–ask Riki Saltzman,


November 21, 2018

Brown Bag Book Talk by Doug Blandy

Meet in the Design Library (200 Lawrence Hall) on Thursday 11/29 at noon for a brown bag talk by Doug Blandy, co-author of the book Learning Things: Material Culture in Art Education. The book explores the meaning of “things” in education and provides strategies for incorporating material culture in higher education.

Dr. Blandy is faculty in the School of Planning, Public Policy, and Management and Director of the Folklore and Public Culture Program.


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