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Graduate Studies in Folklore and Public Culture

☞  The Graduate School has issued temporary changes for Spring/Summer/Fall 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The University of Oregon offers one of the most exciting folklore graduate programs in the country. Our interdisciplinary approach allows our masters students to explore individual interests in a well-supported academic environment. Our students conduct research and delve into theoretical analyses on a variety of topics, incorporating both classical approaches to traditions with cutting-edge, modern interpretations of folklore and public culture. Current students study topics ranging from gender roles in rock music to West African drumming in suburban America; from nature pilgrimages to MySpace memorials; from graffiti, knitting and DIY artist movements to museum studies.

Students in the masters degree program in Folklore and Public Culture may choose from two tracks with differing emphases. The General Folklore Track provides students with a strong foundation in folklore studies while also allowing students to take elective courses in their areas of focus. The General Folklore Track requires students to take specific classes from Folklore and Public Culture program faculty in a variety of subjects including anthropology, arts and administration, English, and music, among other disciplines. The Public Folklore Track prepares students who plan to work in the public sphere by building professional skills such as ethnographic research, documentation, grant writing, administration and programming. The program also focuses on building scholarly fundamentals of folklore and establishing relationships within the folklore field.

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