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How to Archive Your Work

Please contribute your fieldwork project, terminal project, or thesis to the Archives of Northwest Folklore.

If your work is accepted it will be added to the Archives and made publicly available for research.

For theses and terminal projects, please:

  • deliver print copy (single sided, unbound) to Archives or office
  • send electronic copy (PDF) to

For fieldwork projects, use these instructions and the forms below to prepare your work for submission to the Archives.

For more info see: Student Guidelines for Archiving.

1. Complete Informant Releases [English Version]  [Spanish Version]

  • Print release forms for informants to sign during fieldwork.
  • Forms transfer property rights to fieldwork documentation to Archives.
  • Forms allow informants to request anonymity and place restrictions on use.

2. List Fieldwork Documentation   [Supplemental Materials List]

  • Select fieldwork media documentation to include and list items.
  • Documentation may include: audio, video, photo, or text.
  • Preferred formats are: digital audio files (.wav or .mp3); digital image files (.jpeg); and digital video files (.mp4).
  • Copy the fieldwork documentation to a CD-R or DVD-R.

3. Complete Interview Cover Sheet / Transcript (Optional)   [Interview Cover Sheet/Transcript]

  • Complete interview cover sheet.
  • Append transcript (optional).

4. Prepare Folklore Text Sheets (Optional)   [Folklore Text Sheet]

  • Complete Folklore Text Sheets for individual items of folklore.
  • A folklore item is a single item of folklore, such as a belief, recipe, joke, or material item, that you documented in an interview, photograph, etc.

5. Complete a Master Sheet   [Master Sheet (pdf)] [Master Sheet (doc)]

  • Complete a Master Sheet for your project.

6. Sign a Collector Release Form  [Collector Release Form]

  • Complete a Collector Release Form.
  • Form transfers property rights to the archives.
  • Form allows collectors to request anonymity.

7. Submit Your Project

  • Collect the materials: fieldwork documentation, folklore text sheets (optional), and essay.
  • Collect the forms: informant release, project release, supplemental materials, and master sheet.
  • For students submitting projects as class assignments, submit two copies of essay and one copy of all other materials.
  • Copy 1 of essay will be graded; Copy 2 of essay will be archived.

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