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“Cooking with Folklore”

Explore “Cooking with Folklore”: an adventure for the taste buds across the interdisciplinary realm of food. Enjoy Apple Beer under Beverages; or perhaps Korintje in the Bread and Pastry section. For breakfast, try making Aebelskiver; lunch might taste good with Tzatziki sauce; and dessert can never go wrong with Haupia. For dinner, consider Cspipetke Guylas or Frikadeller. On the side, you may want to try Liwanzen, Borsch, or Peach Pickles. These recipes are a tiny sampling of the multi-cultural food lore found within this volume. Look for a second volume next year!

The Randall V. Mills Archives of Northwest Folklore is a repository of fieldwork collections and research materials on folklife in Oregon, the Pacific Northwest, and beyond. Collections include books and periodicals; student and faculty research papers and fieldwork projects; photographs, sound recordings, and documentary videos. As part of University of Oregon (UO) Folklore Program, the Archives supports students in the study of folklore and it provides training opportunities in the management of cultural collections. The Archives also makes collections available to the public for study and appreciation. Included in this cookbook are recipes that span the past fifty years, showcasing the interdisciplinary approach of the UO’s folklore students.

All proceeds will provide future programming opportunities for the Archives of Northwest Folklore.

“Collected by Folklore and Public Culture students at the University of Oregon, the recipes included in this cookbook are representative of Italian, English, German, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Japanese, Greek, Hawaiian, Hungarian, Mexican, Filipino, and French heritage. Randall V. Mills archivists have done an excellent job of selecting and organizing a delectable collection representing the culinary diversity found in the United States. This cookbook captures the essence of folklore and foodways.”

-Doug Blandy, Professor and Director of the University of Oregon Folklore and Public Culture Program

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