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September 12, 2017

Folklore Program Winter Courses

Please click the link below for a list of Folklore winter courses:

Winter Schedule 2017



July 14, 2017

Check Out These Summer Folklore Courses !!


Introduction to Folklore w/ Dr. John Baumann

FLR 250 CRN 40895   7/24 – 8/20

FLR 250 CRN 40896   8/21 – 9/17

This course explores how people use creative forms to bring meaning to their day-to-day lives and negotiate their identities and relationships with other people. We will examine varied types of folklore forms and folklore groups, the meanings they have for the people who create them, how they function, and relationships between folklore and social issues. In addition to learning about folklore, students will develop critical thinking and research skills and work to present their thoughts through clear and rational writing.

Magic in the Middle Ages w/ Dr. Martha Bayless

FLR 236 CRN 40894   8/21 – 9/17

This course is an examination of the period often considered the most “magical,” the Middle Ages. Looking at the practices of medieval western Europe, particularly Britain, we will examine how medieval culture defined magic, what they hoped to achieve by practicing (or forbidding) magic, and how magic provides an insight into the medieval understanding of how the universe worked. Along the way we will investigate the medieval origins of two modern American holidays, Hallowe’en and Christmas. The course will also cover medieval witches, as well as elves, fairies, and other small beings. We will also examine the role of magic in fiction – the origin of modern fantasy and superhero stories – and reflect on what that suggests about our relationship to the world. Finally, we will look at some of the modern legacies of medieval thought about magic, from modern practices such as throwing coins in fountains to “new religions” such as Wicca and neopaganism. The study of medieval magic will allow us to understand the role of magic in both the medieval and the modern world and give us the tools to give informed opinions about modern controversies.

Anthropology & Aliens w/ Dr. Philip Scher

ANTH 119 CRN 40140  8/21 – 9/17

This class explores how anthropology and science fiction (or, more broadly, Speculative Fiction) have been linked together historically as each explores ideas about culture and society. Thematic questions addressed in the class include: what is an alien? What is “the human”? Could SF be possible without anthropology? The class investigates this convergence of interest through the analysis of SF in print, film, television etc. In addition, using science fiction, we will explore how fundamental concepts in anthropology such as linguistic and cultural relativism, national and cultural identity, class, the ethics of first contact; gender, marriage, and kinship; law, morality; religion; race and embodiment; politics, violence, and war; medicine, healing, and consciousness; and the environment have entered into the ways in which we routinely think about the possibility of extraterrestrial life and the way in which we think about culture on our own planet.

July 12, 2017

Arts and Culture Management Job in WV

Job listing for President of Rediscover Appalachia which is the cultural arm of WV coalfield development and recovery.

Eugene Airport Seeking a Public Art Program Consultant

Eugene Airport in Eugene, Oregon has published an Invitation to Submit Proposals for a Public Art Program Consultant. Please share with all who may be interested in submitting a proposal. Here is a direct link to the Invitation.

June 19, 2017

Internships Available Big Island Farms

Fall 2017 & Spring 2018 APPLY Now!


Aloha to all pursuers of knowledge, experiences and passion:

Big Island FarmsBig island Table Experience (BITE), and World Sacred Gardens would like to invite you to join our upcoming Hawaii internship programs, here on our organic permaculture farm.

We are currently accepting applicants for our Fall 2017 / Spring 2018 Internships and beyond! Big Island Farms is located on the tropical Hamakua coast of Hawaii’s Big Island, five miles from the breathtaking Waipio Valley and historic Honokaa Town. The quaint but thriving local community is interconnected with 10 of the world’s 13 available microclimates ranging from vibrant jungle to arid desert tundra. This ancient and sacred island lends Big Island Farms a culturally and biologically rich and diverse environment. Boasting the tallest mountain “Mauna Kea”, the world’s most active volcano, “Kilauea” and the largest mountain “Mauna Loa” (in cubic feet), the Big Island of Hawaii is a treasure of geological extremes like nowhere else on Earth.

Big Island Farms, a vibrant 64 acre collection of tropical fruits, macadamia nut orchards, permaculture food forests and botanical gardens, began simply with a decade long effort to restore and revitalize the soil, flora and fauna of these treasured lands. After many years of allowing the natural ecosystems to re-establish themselves and create a biodynamic ecology our team began this mission to establish a unique experiential education program. Mulching tropical grasses that, at times, reach six to ten feet high, we have reclaimed the orchards and farmlands replenishing and protecting the soils, establishing new gardens and reinvigorating the orchards along the way. Our team coalesces around a shared vision of sustainability, community, and the desire to understand how to live off the land through a process of discovering the deeper rooted connections that we all share within the holistic connection of organic permaculture. We are searching for like-minded individuals who we can share our knowledge with and who can also leave their mark at Big Island Farms.

Through our interdisciplinary education model, which incorporates classes, tangible hands-on experience, expeditions and guest speakers, students will actively pursue their passions, learn to broaden their worldviews, and work towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Come be an active participant in a progressive learning environment and expand your horizons through the Big Island Farms Internship Program! We are currently accepting applications for Fall 2017 / Spring 2018 and beyond. Internship spots are limited, hurry to APPLY NOW.


Check out our website to see full program details

Please email us at for details.


BIF Internship Program
Ecological Design
Farm to Table Culinary Arts
Organic Agriculture and Tropical Horticulture
Outdoor Recreation and Adventure


Internship Vision
Our internship’s vision is to inspire and motivate individuals to be proactive in their education through self-discovery and experiential learning; developing skills of critical and holistic thinking, self-sufficiency and community building, while simultaneously learning to be stewards of the land and innovative leaders for the future.

To learn about current Big Island Farms projects, please check out our facebook, twitter and instagram page, links below:


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