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The Folklore Program at the University of Oregon is one of a few major centers of folkloristic research in the United States. With more than thirty participating faculty, our program provides an interdisciplinary approach to a Masters Degree, allowing students to create a focused course of study in their areas of interest.

UO Folklore Professor Lisa Gilman interviewed on Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Think Out Loud

UO Folklore professor Lisa Gilman discussed her new book My Music My War: The Listening Habits of U.S. Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan on Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Think Out Loud. The interview also aired on other NPR affiliates around the region.

Professor Carol Silverman Confronts the Persecution Faced by Roma People

UO anthropologist and folklorist Carol Silverman has studied and written about Roma people and the prejudices against them for nearly four decades and has won numerous fellowships and awards for her contributions to the field. Inspired by their rich culture, she quickly developed a parallel interest in their everyday lives and the prejudice and fear they face around the globe.

See her featured in this article from AroundtheO:


Folklore Professor Daniel Wojcik’s new book gets inside the world of outsider art

On January 3, UO English professor and folklorist Daniel Wojcik was featured in an article in AroundtheO that highlights his latest book, “Outsider Art: Visionary Worlds and Trauma”. Wojcik examines and challenges the genre of “outsider art” and inserts his unique academic perspective into a conversation that’s been dominated by the art collectors, critics and dealers who drive demand for these pieces. His research attempts to humanize a group of artists he says are frequently marginalized and disempowered. Read the entire article here.


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