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Class Schedule

The classes listed represent the prospective class schedule for each term.

Please consult the UO Class Schedule at time of registration for the most current and accurate course offerings.

Summer Schedule 2020



Fulfills these  areas of inquiry, multicultural, core  education and Folklore & Public Culture requirements:

Session I—6/22-7/19

FLR 225   Voices of Africa  ONLINE (Bosire) 43485 A&L, IC, GP, FLRP
FLR 255   Folklore & US Pop Cul  ONLINE (Wojcik) 43430 A&L, IP, US, FLRE

Session III—8/17-9/13

FLR 236   Magic in Middle Ages ONLINE (Bayless) 41912 A&L, FLRD, FLRE
FLR 250  Intro to Folklore ONLINE (Wojcik) 41913 A&L, IP, US, required for majors/minors

Fall Schedule 2020

Undergraduate courses
FLR 225 Voices of Africa 4cr Bosire WEB
FLR 255 Folklore & US Pop Cul 4cr Wojcik WEB
ANTH 119 Anthropology & Aliens 4cr Lowthorp WEB
ANTH 161 Intro Cultural Anth 4cr Masucci WEB
ANTH 365 Food and Culture 4cr Foltz WEB
DAN 410 Dema African Perf 1cr Iddrisu 1815-1945 tr
HIST 211 Reacting to the Past 4cr Ostmeier 1015-1145 tr REMOTE
J 208* Intro Documentary Prod 4cr Martinez 1015-1145 mw REMOTE
MUS 358 Music in World Culture + Dis 4cr Schultz 0830-0945 tr REMOTE
MUS 360 Hip-Hop: Hst, Cul, Aes + Lab 4cr Sirois WEB, REMOTE
PPPM 250 Arts & Human Values 4cr Abia-Smith 1215-1345 mw REMOTE
PPPM 410 Art in Society 4cr Blandy 1015-1145 tr REMOTE
SCAN 259 Vikings/Iceland Sagas 4cr Stern 1015-1145 tr REMOTE
* UG students may substitute this course to fulfill requirements with the approval of their Folklore and Public Culture major advisor.
Graduate Courses
FLR 681 Hist/Theo Folklore Res 5cr Wojcik 1615-1745 tr REMOTE
PPPM 510 Art in Society 4cr Blandy 1015-1145 tr REMOTE
** Folklore and Public Culture master’s students may choose this course to fulfill requirements with the approval of their advisor and the Director of Graduate Studies. Approval should be obtained before registering for the course.














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