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February 8, 2019

Medieval Bread: Making and Meaning

Join us for a free catered lunch and feel free to share this with your own networks.

Dr. Martha Bayless, Professor of English and Folklore, will be discussing the history of medieval bread as a cultural force – and how to make it!

Talk Description:
“Medieval Bread: Making and Meaning.”

The Early English Bread Project is a project dedicated to tracing the history of medieval bread as a cultural force. Bread determined settlement patterns, gave kings their power, and embodied Jesus every Sunday in church.

In a more domestic sphere, disapproving theologians charged that bread was central to women’s use of magic. Given all this, it is perhaps surprising that this simple, delicious bread is no longer to be found in modern kitchens, except perhaps in one unexpected form. This talk about the findings of the Early English Bread Project will outline the unexpected history of early bread — as well as how to make it. Medieval bread will be served, as well as a free lunch to those who RSVP via Facebook event.

The Early English Bread Project is at

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