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Equity & Inclusion Funding

The Folklore Equity and Inclusion Committee recognizes that, while the subject of folklore studies is broad and inclusive, the membership of its societies does not reflect the same scope. The Committee will make available two amounts, one for faculty and one for students, of up to $500, to support initiatives that contribute to equity and inclusion of the workings of these societies. These include but are not limited to: presentations, workshops, roundtables by members of underrepresented groups (whether the UO member receiving the funds or in collaboration with such members) at events held by these societies (AFS, Western States, and other regional organizations).

Each fall term, proposals are invited from core faculty and graduate students detailing opportunities for utilizing this funding. Awards are for Fall – Summer of the academic year.

Proposals should follow the format below.

Title of Proposal:


Indicate Graduate Student or Core Faculty:

Email address:

Summary of Proposal:

Timeline and duration:


Please direct questions to Director Martha Bayless, or Beth Magee,

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