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Alma Johnson Graduate Folklore Award

In 2001, Susan Fagan and her husband, Tom Fagan, established the Kate Martin Undergraduate Folklore Award, given for the best archival fieldwork project and the Alma Johnson Graduate Folklore Award, for the best project completed by a graduate student in an English or folklore graduate course. The annual awards are named for Susan’s grandmothers, who were, as she realized once she began the study of folklore, the original spark for her lifelong interest in this field.

The Alma Johnson Graduate Folklore Award – $300

  • Award to the best paper or video by a student in the Folklore and Public Culture master’s program or the Folklore Structured Emphasis in the English PhD program.
  • This award is intended to recognize a high standard of excellence in paper-writing and video-making and to encourage students to prepare manuscripts for publication in academic venues.
  • Submitted paper or video should have fulfilled graded requirements for a core Folklore and Public Culture course.
  • Faculty may nominate paper or video, or student may self-nominate.
  • Students are encouraged to work with a faculty member to revise paper or video prior to submitting for consideration.
  • Deadline: Third week of spring term. Award announced end of spring term.
  • Folklore and Public Culture Program Director appoints an awards committee that selects awardee.

Past award recipients

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