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Dr. Carol Silverman to Present “Global Gypsy: Appropriation, Hybridity and Race”

On June 2 at noon in PLC 159, Dr. Carol Silverman of the Folklore Program and Department of Anthropology will present from her research on Balkan “Gypsy” music.

Work-in-Progress and Books-in-Print talks is sponsored by the Oregon Humanities Center.

Talks by OHC fellows on their current research or recently published books. All talks take place on Fridays at noon in the OHC Conference Room, 159 PLC. All are welcome to attend. Brown-bag lunches are welcome. Seating is limited; early arrival is recommended.

“Global Gypsy: Appropriation, Hybridity and Race”

In the last twenty years, Balkan “Gypsy” music has exploded in popularity, becoming a staple at world music festivals and dance clubs throughout the United States and Western Europe. At the same time, thousands of Balkan Roma (the ethnic group frequently referred to as “Gypsies”) have emigrated westward due to deteriorating living conditions, and entrenched stereotypes have arisen amidst deportations and harassment. In this heightened atmosphere of xenophobia, Roma, as Europe’s largest minority and its quintessential “other,” face the paradox that they are revered for their music yet reviled as people. Focusing on clubs and festivals, this illustrated ethnographic presentation investigates the ramifications of the current scene for Romani performers and non-Romani musicians, producers, audiences and marketers.


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